Key Features

Consultation & Engagement

Allows real time engagement with Customers and Communities, whether they be members of the public, staff, customers, patients, stakeholders, branches, franchisees, etc. We can customise toolkits and frameworks for your engagement. As it is digital, it saves time and money.

Big Data & Analysis

The platform allows for data insights without any limits. Data can be analysed to identify patterns, trends relating to customers/ stakeholders/peoples' behaviour/ feedback on improvements, etc. Are you leading on a Regeneration Project that requires long term feedback? Customer Insights is customisable to your organisation's needs.

Dynamic Dashboards

Much easier to view and understand than spreadsheets and tables. Each user can ‘slice’ the data they want to see and compare to other organisations, regions as well as compare against national datasets.

Quick Interactive Surveys

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Questions and Unlimited Surveys!!!! Whether its formal engagement, staff surveys, feedback, research, gaining insights, etc. Most importantly - you control the surveys and can monitor ‘real time’ responses.

Interactive Maps

Service/Location mapping on Google maps with filters - perfect for franchises, global companies with multiples branches and locations customised with information you need to publicise.

GDPR Compliance

Putting engagement first & complying with the GDPR which is a regulation on data protection & privacy for all individuals within the EU & the EEA is a vital component of this platform.


Essential for decision making, this platform includes reporting. Reporting can be defined by services, stakeholders, departments, themes, trends, geographical areas, etc. For public sector organisations, it includes Annual Patient / Service User Experience, Quarterly Complaints, Health Watch Reports, and Quarterly Provider Reports.

Consent - Digital Signatures

‘Data protection by design and by default’ The design of this portal has a digi-signature feature as a pre-requisite to all surveys. This can be removed if a tick box is sufficient. This feature is compatible with all devices making communication easier.


As the Japanese say, muda (lean thinking) and focusing on business requirements enables radical change. Our partnership approach ensures the aims and objectives of our clients are met through versatile planning and delivery. Every organisation is different and therefore every digital/business solution is different.

Patient Participation Group

The purpose of this portal is to ensure our PPG supports all patients and their views.

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