About the Product

InsightsX is a secure cloud based survey management platform.

  • What does it do?  
Its a platform that can be linked into any organisations website that provides an inclusive survey management framework for polls, stakeholder engagement, public engagement, staff surveys, consultations, charities and the work with their members and commissioners, or it can be used as a business process to automate digital forms, ie, compliance, risk processes, training portal.  The sky is the limit.

It gives you a platform, much like this, with your own home page, your logo and text.  It has 4 tabs on the top to help separate out the engagements/ surveys into categories that you need.  The tabs can have as many surveys and feedback reports as needed.

Report automisation.  It provides charts and graphs at the 'touch of a button' eliminating the need for an analyst.
  • How is it different from other solutions?  
Its person centric.  What does that mean?  Its inclusive because it converts into languages, uses features that are person orientated. People are different - some prefer smiley surveys, others prefer scorebars, the innovative can customise the icons related to answers.  
  • How much does it cost?
£360 per annum for an organisation or non-profit for the standard package which includes unlimited surveys (inclusive of smiley surveys, scorebars, dropdown options), and unlimited submissions, as well as automated reporting ie, charts and graphs.
  • National business or organisation
 Need more features, ie, uploading of forms and dashboards, want to create multiple sites for all your branches/offices, please contact us at :

hello@ignivia.com or use the 'Contact Us' tab

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